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How much does radon mitigation cost?

Arthur Pena 0

It is the belief of many that radon concentration levels in a house can’t be fixed, it stays as it is. However this is not true at all, ask any professional radon contractor and they will tell you it is fixable. The amount of time and effort required to do the job does differ from house to house but it can’t be said that it’s impossible to free a house from radon. Ever one in fifteen houses in The United States of America has radon concentrations more than their state allows.

How is radon treated?

Many people to this day don’t even have in knowing what radon actually is. With the advancement of technologies and machinery, it is not really hard in today’s world to fix a house with a bad rating for radon concentration. While people think radon mitigation process takes many days or at least some this might not be true depending accordingly on your house size.

In the present level of technology, it is not difficult anymore to do a mitigation process. In a normal sized single family home it now only takes around one day to perform the Mitigation process.

The most common process in the knowledge of people about the radon reduction is sealing cracks however what people don’t know is, it’s just a part of a big process and alone has been proven to be an unreliable or durable process.  However, it is still done as it can be said that it is the basis of radon process along with it other steps go into consideration too.

A simple cost-effective process is active soil depressurization or ASD. In this if explained in the simplest way, in this the soil where the radon starts to seep into the building is depressurized, the cost is usually low but not always. It depends on the structure of the house and also where it is coming from. Operating cost is low since the fans used to operate is powered by usually 90 watts fan which isn’t much so won’t cost you a fortune to run it.

There also comes the way of using double foundation layers to trap the radon gas in between. This might be good in a short-term process but in my opinion wouldn’t be good for a long-term solution to radon concentration. A trained professional can link the channels all into one in a way that you will only have to use one fan to extract radon from the house.

So the real question how much does the Radon Mitigation Service with the whole system?

Radon reduction systems can usually cost around 1200 US dollars. It can range from around eight hundred dollars up to fifteen hundred dollars. It also depends on the market price of the house mitigation system in your area so it can vary accordingly. The fans used in the radon system have a warranty of up to five years.  They have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years.