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3 activities that every successful real estate agent performs in the morning

Arthur Pena 0

Just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, there are certain tasks that buy propertydo every morning to ensure they have a productive day. As an agent, you know that the foundation of a successful business is paying attention to multiple tasks simultaneously, but how often do you sit down and spend a specific time to identify what are the primary needs of your business? Most officers will say, “Not as often as it should.” But don’t worry, the calm before the storm is the ideal time for you to organize your strategy, that’s why we bring you three activities that will help you become a successful real estate agent.

Attacks administrative work

The amount of daily tasks you have to do, just to keep your business going, can be overwhelming. Taking the time each morning to meet them will not only decrease the stack of earrings, it will also help you remember some other important task that may have been misplaced.

The first thing you should do is resolve all queries that have come in during the night, either through your website , by email, text message or voicemail. We also recommend catching up on any pending paperwork or documentation, including lease contracts and records, then submit or file as necessary. Finally, keep in mind the appointments, visits and meetings that you have scheduled, as well as any preparation work that these require so that you run them smoothly.

Generate new leads

Undoubtedly, you should spend some time generating new prospects . If you make this activity a morning task (and not negotiable) you can make sure that you will fulfill it. After you have done that, take a moment to organize your database, because even though your update consists of entering only five new new contacts per day, you are making progress!

Think about the people you meet every day, including those you just met, and add them to your sphere of influence. Contact the owners of expired listings and also those of the assets, find out if they require your assistance. You should also take a critical look at the way you present your listings and renew it. Reconnect with previous customers: invite them over for coffee or surprise them with an anniversary detail and ask them what their current needs are, offer them an updated market situation report, thank them for their review or, if they don’t already, Request them again and find out if they have friends or relatives who may require your services.

Spend time for marketing

Let’s leave the complaints aside, the commercialization of your business does not have to be a cause of suffering, in fact, there are several ways in which that task is bearable in your day to day. You should review your current marketing plan and update your strategies and tactics as necessary. Complete the design of your promotional material, including brochures, postcards, and business cards. Write down five ideas for your blog and write the first paragraph for each one. Plan ahead for monthly social media posts and updates , keep your profile information up to date and add every sale made, active listings, and customer reviews. Update your website park view city with photos of your listings, upcoming events in your city, etc. You can also organize contests or raffles to generate more traffic to your site.

Once you get into the habit of doing these activities in the morning you will realize that it is not as complicated as you thought, but quite the contrary, you will find that they are a true tool that enhances your productivity . Developing these good habits will compensate you with a stable number of leads and with a greater number of transactions.