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Asbestos Abatement

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We can understand that if a house gets infected by Hazardous substances then it can become a big problem to deal with. So, what we have to do is to call an expert for Asbestos Abatement. And in our Bay Area who can be more expert than our local Bay Area Asbestos Removal Company. Our expert team will arrive on your one call, and we will make sure that your house is now livable.

When people do construction then the remains of the construction material can produce hazardous substances, these are needed to be removed at the first instant. We Bay Area Asbestos Removal are a certified company and have a team of experienced personnel. We’ll make this go away in an instant so that you can return to your life once again.

What are we?

We are a local asbestos removal company. We are here to help you in asbestos abatement and the removal of other hazardous materials from your homes, your workplace, etc. We aim to make your place, healthy and safe. For doing this we have a staff of experienced personnel who are 24/7 equipped to serve you. If we need to use our heavy equipment then we will not hesitate because the safety of our client and his family is our top priority. Our heavy equipment by the name of HEPA Vacuuming always does the job for us. Our company is responsible for its work and always owns to it whatever happens.


Many people in the bay area consider working with us because of our credibility, we provide services like asbestos removal which is directly linked to the cancer-causing agent. If not properly treated the person could get lung cancer because of it. We at bay area asbestos removal are also experts in tracing and removing lead compounds found in the paints. They can also become dangerous if not treated properly. Our company also removes Molds which is also dangerous and can cause physical reactions in humans. The root cause of all these is the popcorn ceiling, we remove them too. So, in short, we are a multipurpose company who can deal with everything thrown their way.

  • Asbestos Removal:

Asbestos Removal is mandatory and is a need because it can cause lung cancer. We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal are an expert in asbestos abatement. We 1st inspect the area and if traces are seen then we remove it. We urge you, people, that for once a year do call an inspection service for the traces of asbestos.

  • Lead Removal:

We are also experts in removing Lead too and trust us, if found in traces, even then it can be lethal. It causes damage to the central nervous system. Due to which if the person recovers even then he can be a retard.

  • Mold Removal:

Mold removal is also necessary and we as a multipurpose company can also take care of it. If not removed in time can cause a person to experience physical reactions that are dreadful.

  • Popcorn Ceiling:

It was very popular in the 90s, but now it is considered ancient and people who have them in their homes prefers to remove them in an instant. One reason is it is classy it doesn’t provide a modern look and Secondly, it is the root cause of asbestos and lead storage, because of which its removal becomes obligatory.